Role Models Foundation.

Empire Partner Foundation’s mandate is to solve 10 of South Africa’s most pressing socio-economic issues. Some of these 10 issues are Education, Healthcare, Food Security, Rural Development, Unemployment, Housing , Transportation, and Safety. In line with Empire Partner Foundation’s mandate, EPF has recently sponsored the RoleModels Foundation, which is a Non-Profit Organisation whose focus is to use education to eliminate poverty. Since its establishment in 2011 as an NPO, RoleModels Foundation aims to alleviate issues faced by disadvantaged disadvantaged South Africans such as abused women and children, the elderly, the unemployed and those without access to quality education.

RoleModels Foundations has an impressive total of 5 projects where they support the vulnerable. The first, ‘Imfundo Project’, prepares about 230 children for formal education by providing nutrition and education material and skills. The project targets children from informal settlements, who are placed in Educare facilities in the Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Gauteng and other provinces.The second project, ‘Asante Neo Life Project’, rehabilitates and provides a place of refuge for abused women and children.

‘Tamakhulu Project’, is the third project which focuses on taking care of the elderly by providing food and housing needs.‘Sizanani Skills Development Program’ is the fourth project that empowers unemployed individuals by teaching them crucial skills and development as well as create an income for them to ensure that they can sustain themselves economically.

RoleModels Foundation’s 5th and final project is ‘S.W.I.T.C.H’ which stands for Standing With Individuals to Change Hurt. It is a program that combats bullying in the education environment through the running of anti-bulling campaigns.

It is crucial for initiatives such as RoleModels Foundation to have all the support that they so desperately need. Some of the challenges RoleModels Foundation faces is the supply of food, toys and transport for children, and many kinds of building materials and tools.

Recently the Empire Partner Foundation has sponsored the funds for roof sheeting that the RoleModels foundation desperately required to give the children in their programs a new and safe place to stay.

As one reads through what Rolemodels Foundation stands for, it reminds us that sometimes we have to stop and think back to the simpler and more direct challenges that vulnerable groups in our country and society face. It reminds and pushes us to go back, perhaps even volunteer to help combat these basic needs. The Empire Partner Foundation is extremely humbled to be able to sponsor and support such a significant initiative.

‘’The greatest kind of love and fulfilment for oneself, is through giving and through acts of service.’’


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