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End GBV-F Workstream

What are we doing? 

Safety and Security is one of the 10 key public sector issues that Empire Partner Foundation is seeking to solve through technology.  Within safety and security, our focus is gender-based violence, femicide and related crimes.  In that regard, the Empire Partner Foundation (www.empirepartnerfoundation.org) has partnered with Afri-tec Technologies to address GBV-F.  Afri-Tec is a South African based technology company based in Sandton which offers locally developed and secured solutions (www.afri-tec.com).

What Problem are we Solving?

Gender-based violence and femicide (GBV-F) which is a global pandemic and societal ill. Lack of technology development when dealing with GBV-F. Lack of national crime database to become an engagement platform that works to empower victims and to use the support of the shared network. Lack of education in the society about GBV-F

GBV-F App:

It enables a victim or a person witnessing a victim to alert their trusted circle. Live location, contact and other details are immediately available to the trusted circle. The trusted circle can include an infinite number of people The app has specific gender-based violence features and resources

National Crime Database:

We are working in collaboration with the Joe Slovo Foundation to build a National Crime Database.  The goal is to have more accurate data on GBV-F through an anonymized database and to collect accurate, credible, national reporting on GBV-F and crime data which can be used for resource allocation.

911 Call Centre:

We are establishing a 911 Call Centre which will contribute to a swifter response and action to GBV-F and violent crimes.



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