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TBF Agriculture Hackathon - CLOSED


The hackathon is a 2-day sprint event where youth in programming, finance, marketing and business from across South Africa come together to solve one of the 10 public sector challenges using technology. 

Hackathon Process:

1) Show interest in hackathon

2) Register online : https://empirepartnerfoundation.org/tbf-agriculture-hackathon/

3) Receive confirmation of your registration

4) Submission approved, or declined (if you don’t hear back from us)

5) Join main Hackathon WhatsApp group

6) Find teammates from the Hackathon main WhatsApp group

7) Name your groups/team & create private WhatsApp subgroup

8) Receive Hackathon Info Pack and study Problem Statement

9) Prepare solution & Presentation

10) Present Solution to Judges

11) Await announcement of winners

12) Receive certificates and prizes


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