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In the month of October 2021, the Empire Partner Foundation hosted a successful Transportation Hackathon for our talented youth to develop solutions that will improve the Transport challenges in South Africa. Following the event, EPF in partnership with NMVE Capital are currently in the process of developing and launching an online platform and system that will play a pivotal role in digitizing and integrating the transport system to improve passenger mobility and transport efficiency.

From the discussions that ensued, there was consensus about the challenges and the need for an integrated solution. EPF is engaging with key stakeholders to form a broader quorum which will be for discussions and to implement a road map to find a viable and impactful transport solution and we invite all stakeholders to join us on this journey.

A special thank you to all the stakeholders that participated in the discussion,representatives from the following organisations: Gautrain, Argility, TETA, National Taxi Association, Khomba App, Mapha Logistics, Empowaworx, Ingwe Shipping,  Joule Energy, eBus Supplies and TATA Africa.




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